South Asian Children and Young Persons Project - Roshni Sheffield

Young Women and Girls Project

The Roshni Young Women and Girls Project aims to promote the personal, educational and social development of young South Asian females aged between 13 - 25.

Our objective is to:

  • Engage young Asian women and redress inequalities, value opinions and empower individuals to take action on issues affecting their lives.
  • To help young Asian women achieve their aspirations to the best of their ability whilst continuing to work and achieve the aims and outcomes set by the government guidelines contained in the ‘Every Child Matters’ framework which are to, be healthy, be safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic wellbeing.

Our service

The Diya Counselling Service - Roshni SheffieldOur service is to provide one to one support to address any issues affecting young women aged 13 and over. This can include dealing with relationships, forced marriages, advice on health and social issues, finding employment, training and educational opportunities, and careers advice.

As part of our support we also organise regular social and recreational activities, including trips, outings and celebrations of festivals. Young women can access these opportunities throughout the year.

We also have a qualified counsellor that provides a culturally specific counselling service for young South Asian women/girls between the ages of 13 to 25.

The Diya Counselling Service is a new service that aims to empower young women to improve the state of their mental health and wellbeing. Issues that we will be working with will include honour based violence, depression, anxiety, cross cultural identity issues, social and peer pressures and many more amongst others.

Roshni Residential

The Roshni Residential was at Whirlow Hall Farm this year. It was delivered in partnership with the Sheffield Environmental Network and the focus was looking at ecosystems, the importance of farming and the local countryside. We also undertook confidence and self esteem building activities with the group. Many of the young girls attending are in the main unable to access mainstream activities in other venues and by other organisations, due to financial restraints and cultural expectations. Roshni provides opportunities for them to participate in fun and educational opportunities in a safe and comfortable environment. The residential also brought together young people from across the city and from different ethnic communities, to promote community cohesion and understanding of different ethnic cultures. The residential also gave us the opportunity to consult with our young women, and ask them what they believed some of the issues were facing young South Asian women. The research project aims to explore further into detail the issues South Asian girls are facing in Sheffield and looking closely at what services are available if any.


If you are a young South Asian female aged between 13 - 25 you can refer yourself by contacting Roshni. Parents, carers or others involved with the young person are also welcome to refer.