Welcome to Roshni Sheffield

Roshni Sheffield Asian Women’s Resource Centre is a city wide centre for South Asian women in Sheffield.

The aim of the Roshni centre is to advance the welfare and education of South Asian women in Sheffield. We currently provide a range of activities and services including advocacy support, emotional support and counselling, training and learning opportunities, help for women seeking employment, support for women aged 50+ and social and recreational opportunities.

Asian Women’s Resource Centre - Roshni Sheffield

Background to Roshni

Roshni which means ‘light’ is a not-for-profit charity. It was set up in 1992 to address the needs and aspirations of Asian women living and working in Sheffield. Asian women are regularly cited in research as a minority group experiencing multiple barriers and disadvantage. The women are often experiencing isolation because of cultural re-adjustment, racial prejudice and urban deprivation. They are also disadvantaged by low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, a lack of information about the workings of the society and by a lack of knowledge of social agencies and how best to use them.

Roshni centre aims to create a dedicated facility in Sheffield for the delivery of new and innovative services, which compliment existing provision and improve access to mainstream services. The principle objective being to empower Asian women to identify their own needs, create their own solutions and make their own choices so that they have lasting improvements to the quality of their life, and take up social and economic opportunities available to them. The centre’s role is that of a facilitator, a bridge for women to access opportunities around them.

Roshni Trustees - Roshni Sheffield


Roshni is governed through a board of trustees, composed of women of South Asian origin, who come from various work backgrounds, including service user members. We are currently looking for more women to join our board. Please get in touch if you are an accountant, a lawyer, a businesswoman, or if you have other skills or experience that could contribute to good governance.

Funding Roshni Sheffield


Roshni is a charity organisation funded partly by the Sheffield City Council, with the rest of the funding coming from a number of charitable trusts and grant-making bodies. We gratefully acknowledge funding from The National Lottery Community Fund.

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Partnership Working - Roshni Sheffield

Partnership Working

We are part of a number of multi-agency initiatives and programmes to raise awareness of the needs of Asian Community and work together to help meet that need. We are always keen to take up new initiatives in collaboration with other organisations. Please contact us, if you have any new ideas/suggestions or would like to undertake any joint work with Roshni.