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In response to the needs of our client group, Roshni offers tailor-made training and educational opportunities in a number of subject areas.

Training and Education

One of our aims is for women to gain new skills. We are passionate about women's progress, which is not possible without access to learning opportunities.  Our training program focuses on English as a Foreign language (ESOL) and introductory level courses. Currently, we offer Introduction to Computers and the Internet, Self-advocacy, Life in the UK Test Preparation, Conversation English, Employment Preparation, Art Therapy, and Movement Therapy. In addition, we will soon be starting courses in Food Safety, Driving Theory Preparation, Positive Parenting, and ESOL at Entry levels 1, 2, and 3.

Over the past year, we have been running a Digital Literacy training course to get more and more women computer literate and online. We are also excited to have secured laptops as part of the device loan scheme this year.  We now hope to introduce the world of social media and digital literacy to those women who we have in the past introduced to smartphones, helping them to build their skills, confidence, connectivity, and capacity to build a brighter future.

Our Training Partners

Where possible, we deliver our training courses in partnership with the specialists in the city. Our ESOL partner is Sheffield College, whilst wellbeing-focused courses are currently delivered by MIND Sheffield. For parenting courses, we have partnered with Sheffield Parents hub.

How to join any of our classes

Please check our timetable of activities on the weekly activities page. If you are interested in joining a class, please get in touch with the Roshni centre.


Enquire about Empowerment Services
(Please note that Roshni is a culture and language specific service for South Asian women from Pakistani, Indian or Bangladeshi backgrounds only.)

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Case Studies

Student A did not speak any English at all when she joined Roshni. All she spoke was her mother tongue, Tamil. Over the year, the project helped her to develop some conversational English, as well as improving her written skills. She is now able to complete her basic personal details in an application form. Her feedback form at the end of the year stated how much she had benefited from this course and that she would be pursuing her training further.

Student B was very keen and persistent in learning ICT skills. She achieved good basic skills on how to operate a PC, learnt about MS Word, how to save a file, how to upload photos to the computer, web search and email management. She went from not knowing how to switch on a computer, to being able to find a desired YouTube to watch.

Student C is getting Job Seeker Allowance and is very eager to find a job. She has been attending the Roshni Job club regularly for help to search for jobs on the web and make enquiries over the phone. Since she joined this programme she has had two interviews and one job offer (she could not take it up in the end because the hours offered were unsuitable to her childcare needs).