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Promoting the personal, educational, and social development of children and young Asian females.

Roshni Children and Girls Project

The Roshni Children and Girls Project aims to promote the personal, educational and social development of children from the age of 7 to 12, and young South Asian females aged between 13 - 25 years of age. This can include dealing with relationships and forced marriages, advice on health and social issues, finding employment, training and educational opportunities, and career advice.

As part of our support we also organise regular social and recreational activities, including a play scheme, outings and celebrations of festivals. 

Holiday Activity Play scheme

In the school holidays, we run a Holiday activity scheme for children aged between 7-12 of mothers that we support.  This initiative is part of the city's Holiday Activities and Food programme.  Our play scheme is unique. To qualify for the scheme, the children need be in receipt of free school meals.  We have also targeted and encouraged take-up from vulnerable single-parent families in the city, many of whom will also have experienced some form of Domestic Abuse.

Diya Young Women's Project

We are working in partnership with schools in the city to undertake more focused work with girls aged 10-14 with activities to build their confidence and self-esteem, to enable them to live lives free from violence and abuse. We will be:

  • Engaging young Asian women to make sense of issues affecting their lives.
  • Helping young Asian women achieve their aspirations to the best of their ability.  Helping them to be healthy, safe, to enjoy and achieve.




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(Please note that Roshni is a culture and language specific service for South Asian women from Pakistani, Indian or Bangladeshi backgrounds only.)

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